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Life as an Intern at Snapchat

2014-10-31 16.10.16

I recently completed a four month internship at Snapchat in Los Angeles.  During these four months, I had many awesome adventures, learned lots, ate delicious food, and met some fantastic people.  Here is a glimpse into my life at Los Angeles in pictures! (more...)

Snapchat – First Impressions

I started my internship at Snapchat in Venice Beach last week.  Here are my first impressions!


Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Why I am always early

I hate wasting time.

I don’t mean wasting time on Facebook, playing video games, or hanging out with friends when I should be studying.  I go on Facebook because I enjoy going on Facebook, and it brings me happiness.  (more...)

Why not?

Many opportunities can slip by simply because for many people, their default answer is ‘no’.  My suggestion is to change this default to ‘yes’.

When I give someone a suggestion or an idea to do something new, the first question they always ask me is: ‘Why?’.   (more...)