An inspiration: Casey Neistat

You may have seen the snowboarding in NYC YouTube video that went viral recently. The man who made the video is Casey Neistat, and he is an amazing filmmaker. He also co-created the Aladdin magic carpet NYC video.

I’ve been following Casey for the past year or so, and the reason is not because these “cool”, “viral” videos that he sometimes creates. He is a very inspiring person, and his videos act as a motivation for my life.

Here is some information that you may not have known about Casey Neistat:

  • He is the CEO of a social media startup called Beme.
  • He has a wife, a one-year old baby, and a teenage son.
  • He uploads a beautifully made 10 minute video every single day.
  • He exercises every day and runs marathons for fun.
  • He flies around the country for business almost every week.

Obviously, he works 24/7 and does not get a lot of sleep, but he seems to be having the time of his life doing it.

Currently, he is quite successful: he is well-respected, YouTube famous, and probably well-off financially. But the most inspiring part about this is that he built all this success by himself, starting right from the bottom. He dropped out of high school at age 15, he got his girlfriend pregnant when he was 17, and he had a full-time job washing dishes.

There was really no luck that made him successful; he made the success himself. He explains in this video how and why he is so productive with his life:

Obviously, there are many other very inspiring and motivational people in the world like him. But I love that I get a glimpse of his everyday life through his daily vlogs. Spending 5-10 minutes every morning watching his video gives me motivation to make each day more valuable.