Do it in the morning

Many New Year’s resolutions go something like, “I want to do X every day”. X is normally something you may have done from time to time, but you want it to be in your regular routine. In my case (like many others), X = “going to the gym”.

The reason why many people fail is that it is very hard to find time to do something regularly that you are not used to having in your schedule. For example, I initially planned to go to the gym every evening before dinner. But within a couple of days, I realized that I am not consistently free at 6pm every day. Even though I have no classes at that time, there was always something more important that came up. I tried to re-schedule my gym time on an ad-hoc basis, but that became tiresome, and there were no guarantees that I would be able to find a good time to work out every day.

My solution was to move my gym time to the morning. My classes start at 9:30am, so I have been going to the gym at 7:30am every day. This has worked out great for me. My gym is pretty empty in the morning, and I get to start the day knowing that I’ve accomplished something productive before most of my friends have even woken up.

The morning is the only block of time that I know I will be free. I am fairly sure that none of my friends are going to ask me: “Hey do you want to hang out at 7am tomorrow?”. But after 9am, there is no 1-hour block of time where I am guaranteed that I will be free every single day at that hour.

If you want to do something on a daily basis, try doing it in the morning.

As for the problem of “how to get up early every day”, I’m sure there are other blogs that cover this topic.