4 days in Phuket, Thailand

2015-02-08 14.05.42
An amazing four days in Thailand.

Day 1

We took a pretty chill day for our first day in Phuket.

In the morning, we went elephant trekking.  We picked the 30 minute option, which was more than enough time on the elephant.  Two of us sat on the elephant while a guide sat on its neck.

2015-02-06 00.11.23

Elephant Trekking

We also got to feed it bananas and pineapples, which was also pretty cool.


We then checked out Tiger Kingdom, which I thought was a waste of money.  Basically you get to go into the tiger cage for 10-20 min and take pictures with the tigers.  There are different sizes of tigers you can choose from, and I chose the biggest one.  First, we had to wait an hour to get into the cage.  When we finally went in, the tigers were just lying down, and I got to sit down behind them a take a couple photos.  We should have chosen the smallest tiger instead of the largest one, since the smaller ones are more lively and playful.


Photo that costed me 30 bucks

2015-02-06 07.13.56

Patong Beach for sunset

2015-02-06 19.02.24

Tried crocodile meat for dinner – pretty good!

Day 2

On our second day, we did a full day tour of Phang Nga Bay on a speedboat with about 20 people.

2015-02-07 01.06.41

On the speedboat

2015-02-07 00.02.59

Canoeing through Phang Nga Bay


Canoeing through small cracks in the walls

2015-02-07 12.14.34

James Bond Island

Screenshot 2015-02-17 11.12.16

Koh Lawa Beach

The tour was fun, but it was a lot more seeing than doing.  Even for canoeing, we were actually just on a canoe with someone else rowing for us.   This was fine for us because we did a lot more ‘doing’ in the next two days.

Day 3

On the third day, we took a 2-hour ferry ride from Phuket to Phi Phi Islands.

We did a tour that started in the afternoon.  The first thing we did on the tour was cliff jumping!  There were two points to jump from; one that was 8 meters high, and the other 14 meters. We first all jumped from the 8 meters, and then some of us did the 14 meter one next.  The cliff didn’t seem to be that high from a side view, but it looked much higher when we were looking down from it.


Climbing up the cliff






After this, we went to Maya Beach, which was the gorgeous, picturesque beach of Phi Phi Islands. The problem was that it was not actually a good beach to play in.  When we went in the beach, the water was less than 3 feet deep.  Also, the ground surface was not sand, but a mix of small and large rocks.  This made it very hard to walk around; and you couldn’t even swim since it water was so shallow.

2015-02-08 16.33.23

Maya beach

We then went snorkeling!  It was my first time snorkeling, and it was a pretty cool experience.  We didn’t see anything too exciting like sharks or turtles, but it was pretty fun nonetheless.

2015-02-08 17.47.49

2015-02-08 18.16.55

Watching the sunset on the boat

We settled down in our hostel at Phi Phi Don (the largest of the Phi Phi Islands).  The island was still super small though; we could walk to anywhere we wanted within 15 minutes.

2015-02-09 17.20.07

Walking through streets of Phi Phi Don

We went to a Muay Thai boxing bar.  Basically it was a bar with a boxing ring in the middle, and everyone watching the fights.  If you volunteer to fight, then you get yourself a free bucket of beer.  Two of our friends volunteered to fight each other, which was pretty entertaining to watch!

2015-02-08 12.12.59

Resting after end of round 1

Day 4

On our last day, we woke up early to see the sunrise.  We walked up 20 minutes to a viewpoint, where we could see the whole island.

2015-02-08 19.30.07

2015-02-08 19.59.15

Ko Phi Phi Don island at sunrise

After the sunrise, I went on a ‘deep water solo’ climbing tour.  Basically you take a boat to a cliff, you jump in the water, and start climbing the cliff.  No ropes or anything to help you, just solo.   The water is very deep, so if you fall, you fall in the water.

2015-02-09 10.26.24

The type of wall we climbed

The rocks that we climbed were really sharp, so we taped up our fingers beforehand. Because the rocks were so sharp, I had to make sure that for every one of my movements, I did not slide any part of my body against the wall.  I accidentally did this a couple times, and I got several small scars on my legs.

2015-02-09 10.21.28

Taped up fingers for climbing sharp rocks

We were in the water the whole time, so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the actual climbing.  Here is a picture I caught of my friend jumping down from his climb (20+ meters).  I was afraid to go that high; I usually jumped after climbing about 10 meters.

2015-02-09 12.35.33-1

After climbing, we ate lunch on our boat while enjoying the fantastic view.

2015-02-09 12.55.45

Phuket and Phi Phi were beautiful, and they had tons of fun things to do.  The only major downside was that everywhere was very touristy.  Throughout the whole trip, the only Thai people I saw were the people who worked in the shops or restaurants.  If you want to go to Thailand to experience the culture, you should definitely not go to Phuket.  I came to Phuket to do all the touristy things, and that is exactly what I did.  But it was still a fantastic experience!