Snapchat – First Impressions

I started my internship at Snapchat in Venice Beach last week.  Here are my first impressions!


Let the pictures speak for themselves.


Snapchat has about 100 people, which I think is a great size to get to know everyone.  If there were only 10 people, I may not be able to fit in.  If there were 1000, trying to meet people would be overwhelming.

During meals, I can sit at any table and meet someone new everyday.  Since Snapchat is growing so fast, everyone is very new to the company; most people have only been working here for several months.  So everyone else is also trying to get to know people, which makes them friendly and awesome to talk to!


Snapchat is still a startup, which means that there are not enough people to do all the things that need to get done.  Hence everything moves fast, and people work very hard.  Hopefully this means I can learn alot!


No need to check the weather, every day is sunny and 30°C!  September is apparently the hottest month in LA, although it doesn’t get much colder in the winter.  Walking to work everyday on the beach boardwalk is great, though sometimes it gets pretty hot (or I just like to complain).  It gets cool by the evening, so I always have to bring a sweater or cardigan.


In general, my first week has been really smooth.  I’m living right by the beach, I’ve got awesome roommates, I have a great team, and I got to know a lot of cool people at work!  I’m looking forward to the rest of the term 🙂